Choose Wallpaper

Choose Wallpaper


Choosing your wallpaper

Whilst wallpapering fell out of fashion for a while, it is now back a la mode, becoming a staple feature in many homes. Using wallpaper creatively can instantly transform a room and complement your furniture and accessories to create the mood and atmosphere that you`re after.

If you`re new to the world of wallpapering, however, knowing where to start can be difficult. Will that fabulous print overwhelm your living room or create a fantastic feature wall? Will that textured pattern give a sensory lift to your bedroom or give it a dated feel?

Getting it Right

If you`re investing in wallpaper then you`ll want to make sure that you get it right and create a room with the atmosphere and sense of style that you`re looking for. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for a room there are a number of different things that you need to take into consideration.

First of all, think about the size of your room. Whilst you may be drawn towards bold patterns or large prints these can be overwhelming in a small space, especially if they are not used sparingly. Smaller patterns, such as Graham and Brown`s "Dotty", can be a good way of making a small room appear more spacious.

If you`ve a larger room and are looking for a luxurious and elegant finish then you might want to consider a large floral pattern. Graham and Brown`s "Jacquard" range has a traditional feel whilst their "Flori" paper gives a more modern twist. Think about the style of your existing sofa and furniture and look for a pattern that is in keeping.

Of course if you already have a floral sofa or living room suite then you may want a more reserved wallpaper print that sits comfortably in the background rather than taking centre stage. If it`s the impression of space and calm that you`re after look for papers in blue or green shades or, if you`re looking for warmth and homeliness then consider yellows or oranges.

Much will depend too on whether you`re a traditionalist, ultra modernist or something in between. Traditionalists will enjoy the look and feel of Graham and Brown`s flock "Kinky Vintage" or "Classic Stripe" range. Modernists on the other hand may find themselves drawn to the "Ponder" or "Geo" ranges.

If you do have smaller rooms then this does not prevent you from using feature wallpaper you just need to be a little more considered about the design you choose. Try using a fun design sparingly, for example, Graham and Brown`s "Making a Crockery" in the kitchen or their "Beside the Seaside" in the bathroom. Choose a delicate design such as their "Willow" in the bedroom or their flock "Shoes" paper if you want to make a statement.

And don`t forget the children`s rooms either. Delicate designs such as Pooh Goodnight or Disney character borders can be a great way of creating a space for your child that they will enjoy spending time in. Or, if you`ve teenagers with attitude, how about a flock "Skulls" design?

Once you have decided on wallpapers that you like it is a good idea to request a sample. This way you can ensure that your colours and design match and are in keeping with your living room suite and other furniture. Of course, if you`ve really got your heart set on one of Graham and Brown`s fabulous prints and it`s not in keeping with your existing furniture you could always head over to Fortune Woods oak furniture and buy some stylish new pieces to match your new wallpaper.