Be Brave! Change the Exterior Colour of Your House

You have decided it's time to redecorate the exterior of your home; you reckon it's beginning to look a bit tatty, the magnolia colour or whatever kind of cream has long since faded and dulled.

That's how it was with a customer who called in recently to talk about masonry paint and check out the colours available.

She advises us that she is tired of the creams, beige and neutrals. This lady wants something different, like blue. It will definitely stand out from the rest of her street and what if she really hates it when its on? But sometimes "what if?" is worth the risk. 

We start by viewing some exterior colour brochures, but to be honest, the choice of blues in ready mixed masonry are limited.

To greatly expand the range of blues available (provided she was not looking for a darkish blue) we showed her how we could create them in our colour mixing system using a top quality Sandtex Trade Masonry Paint, mixed in a value 10lt bucket but still a good colour match.

Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth Masonry Paint has the following attributes -:

  1. For everyday conditions
  2. Highly durable
  3. Good opacity
  4. Dirt resistant
  5. Covers fine cracks

The search for the perfect blue began in colour fandecks and brochures until the final options were narrowed down. We then agreed the best thing to do was to try a little tester pot on her wall and we also pointed out that it would be possible to darken or lighten it when it came to mixing the 10lt tubs.

A few days later the decision had been made. The lady wanted a lighter version of the blue in the tester pot; or so she thought. She still had questions running through her head, "will I love it? or maybe hate it? is it just too out there for the street I live on?.

The dye is ready to go into the tub. The suspense was building, will we mix it or start the search for a colour all over again? The 'final, final' decision was made and we get the go ahead, the tubs get mixed.

The end result was a breath of fresh air. The blue contrasts nicely with the brown slated roof, guttering and windows and the white painted window sills, window surrounds and base to highlight the look. It certainly makes an impact yet is subtly beautiful.

The customer followed up with us that the transition naturally took a little bit of getting used to but loves it and is happy with her decision.

That's great for all of us. 


BEFORE                                                                                AFTER


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