Hello August! Keeping the kids entertained with DIY

As we are saying goodbye to July and hello to August you may be thinking to yourself what else is there to do to keep the kids entertained that I haven't already tried and even better, something that is cheap and cheerful? A recent customer of ours sprung an idea to mind that I just couldn't wait to share with you all. 

As the weather has been amazing this summer and the kids want to set down the Ipad and get outside, this particular customer decided to try a little DIY to help keep the kids occupied for hours whilst soaking up some Vitamin D. He had an outdoor old rundown play house that hadn't been used in a long time but only needed a little TLC and when I say TLC I mean Sadolin Superdec Opaque Woodstain. This is every little girl's dream, a real life size dolls house. Sadolin was perfect for the job and I have included some of the benefits below: 

  • Self priming and undercoating
  • 10 years durable protection
  • Flexible finish for exterior wood excluding decking

A doll's house is only one example of how Sadolin Superdec can make this summer one to remember. Why not make your own wooden football nets for the garden, or use old pallets for crafts, be creative with Sadolin Superdec Opaque Woodstain. The product comes in a variety of colours to choose from to suit all of your ideas and will give you that professional finish. 

If you don't have any old dolls houses or pieces of wood lying around in the garden that could be put to good use, visit your local charity shop, see what you can get your hands on and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you may be able to do with Sadolin Superdec. 

Give up the stress of organising days out and hefty prices of tourist attractions. Swap it with relaxing in the garden knowing your kids are kept entertained from morning to night - make life simpler! 

                             The finished look - ready for the fun to begin!  

Decorated with Sadolin Superdec 'Red Pepper'

Doors and trim Sadolin Superdec 'Brilliant White'



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