Zinsser Cover Stain White

from £10.49

Zinsser Cover Stain White

Zinsser Cover Stain White

from £10.49

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Product Details

This unique oil-based primer is formulated to dry in only one hour and yet remain flexible and durable enough for priming a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Cover Stain is breathable for best exterior performance and is an effective stain barrier. For painters who prefer and need oil base performance, Cover Stain will provide top quality results and has great application properties. Cover Stain is also a good ‘winter use’ alternative to Bulls Eye 1-2-3 as it can be used at lower temperatures.

• Oil based

• Interior and exterior use

• Stain killer and tannin blocker

• Excellent enamel undercoater

• Multi-surface primer

• Bonds to high gloss surfaces

• Ideal for new construction

• Great sprayability

• Can be used in low temperatures

• Seals porous surfaces

• Compatible with oil-based or water-based top coats

• Theoretical coverage 10m2/litre

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