Voice of Colour - something to shout about

We are delighted to receive the new Johnstone Trade 'Voice of Colour' colour palette - our colour mixing system has been updated so we are now able to mix all these fabulous colours.

With over 2000 carefully chosen colours grouped into convenient ranges such as 'Off Whites', 'Pure and Clear' and 'Harmony Collection' (providing harmonious combinations) it is now even easier to find a colour that is perfect for your unique tastes and projects.

Enduring Use, Fuzzy Unicorn, Pewter Mug, Eagle Eye, Citrus Sachet, are but just a small example of the colours in this up to the minute Voice of Colour Collection, which we believe more that matches any of the designer lead colour collections for choice and appeal.

Johnstones tell us their Voice of Colour collection is designed based on the premise that every colour has an emotional association and that individuals are drawn to different colours for reasons inherently tied to their unique personalities.

This is a colour palette that will be ideal for the professional designer or colour specifiers who are working to precise instructions from their clients and it will certainly inspire the individual who wants to be on trend with the choice of colours for their home.

Whether professional specifiers or individual we will be happy to assist you choose the right colour that we are able to mix in the full range of finishes in either oil, or acrylic/water based paints.


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