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Flooding - The Devastating Aftermath
If your house has been subjected to flooding the work and cost can be considerable to get it back looking and feeling like the home you had. When it comes to the re decorating stage it maybe necessary to coat walls with a decent primer sealer to prevent the 'burn through' of the dried water stains on the walls, which would leave the finished paint work looking unsightly, never mind being a reminder of the flood event itself.. For your help we discuss below some of the primer sealers that will assist in the re decorating process.
Self Build - The Finishing Touch
Self Building your own home can be an immensely rewarding experience, but to have your home looking and feeling the way that you want you need to keep focused and budget for a paint finish that enhances your home for the years ahead.
Bringing your outdated room into 2018
Your guide to adding a modern touch to a dated room.
Hello August! Keeping the kids entertained with DIY
We are one month into the kids summer holidays and you may be realising for them the novelty of being off school is wearing off. Running out of ideas to occupy the kids? look no further, I have a solution.
Be Brave! Change the Exterior Colour of Your House
You are in an ordinary town street, your home blends in with the rest in neutral colours. You fancy a complete change of colour, but what will the neighbours think? sometimes you just have to go for it!
Painting exterior windows and window sills?
I need paint to paint my windows and sills - simple enough question - not quite when you have wooden vanished windows and concrete sills
Voice of Colour - something to shout about
The Johnstone's new Voice of Colour is full of inspiring colours for your decorating project
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