A Professional Guide to Surface Priming

A Good Paint Job - Preparation is the Key.

Surface priming/sealing is often seen as unnecessary and just an extra cost by DIYer's but really surface priming is essential on many projects to produce a quality long lasting paint job. Choosing the right product is where occasional painters can often get confused for the wrong primer can almost be as bad as none. We have reproduced for you a comprehensive guide on surface priming - just click on the link below - by Zinsser a leader in priming products. We have found Zinsser to have a good range of quality products but there are many other primer sealers on the market that will do the job for you but remember it is best to seek the advice of a professional painter if there is any aspect of the work you are not completely sure about.

Zinsser primer sealers can be overcoated with most water or oil based paints.

A Guide to Surface Priming and Decoration

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